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Biomechanics refers to the mechanical laws related to human movement. Da Vinci's Vitruvian man prove that the human body has geometric proportion to it  and can therefore only produce maximal force at specific angles. During the performance of a specific movement correct biomechanics not only ensure optimal performance but also prevent injury. Injury occur due to trauma (e.g. during contact) or incorrect biomechanics leading to misuse or overuse (and resultant gradual, continuous micro-trauma) of specific joints and the surrounding soft tissue structures.


As maximal forces are produced at specific joint angles, biomechanics is a learnable skill.  At 360Athlete we sequentially and progressively teach biomechanics of basic and sport specific activities. These biomechanical principles are reinforced at every component of training in an attempt to teach an athlete to maintain quality of movement in competitive situations. Correct mechanics therefore become habit as oppose to conscious thought. The combination of improved force production abilities developed by a strength system program and proper biomechanics enable athletes to achieve athletic excellence and longevity.

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