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We find solutions for Competitive Tennis Players.


Humans are like animals and muscles have not conscience. Muscles contract and relax naturally, this process is control my CNS and environment or movement.


We can think of training a movement and trying to time this movement to our rational  thought process.For example: a tiger does not know how he runs, he just runs. A kangaroo does not know how to land after a jump but he lands.


CNS governs our locomotion and movements, so muscles assist in movement but they don’t generate it.

For example: a baby can’t walk at 4 weeks not because he doesn’t have muscles, it is because the brain is not develop yet.

For example: brain injuries cause movements atrophies but movement with regenerate the brain, koalas will dissolve their brain ones they deposit in the tree where they need to eat because they will stop moving. 


Gravity is the main force that affects our movements, locomotion and muscles. 

For example: if gravity wouldn’t exists, we wouldn’t have foot injuries.


  • We train movement not muscles.

  • We go from complex movement to simple movement.

  • We train stabilizers before we train prime movers.

  • We train join integrity before single joint movement.

  • We train with many exercises to reduce over training.

  • We train with percentages and with different muscles contractions.

  • We train balance and proprioception.

  • We train many skills not primarily strength.

  • We build restauration in our exercises.

  • We disintegrate compensation.


  • Fluidity

  • Reactive core.

  • Nose breathing.

  • Natural movement.

  • Gravity.

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