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This Tennis program is based on timing being the most important. We develop discipline to work on: tennis technique, consistency, placement and power, with the primarily focus on individual sessions.


We believe that there are 6 types of players, and you have to make sure that your style matches your individual characteristics, and you have to build your game and your training based on that. Every of these 6 types has been successful worldwide, however because we respect biomechanics, we try to stay away from extreme techniques and we don't train beginners or intermediate as professionals. 

  1. Serve & Volley (Sampras, Rafter).

  2. Big forehand - Big serve (Safin, Del Potro).

  3. Retriever (Nadal).

  4. Counter puncher (Goffin, Santoro).

  5. Aggressive baseliner (Agasi).

  6. Complete Player (Federer).


Our focus is on:

  • Serve & Return

  • Forehand

  • Taking time away, flattening the ball curve.

  • Technique

  • Adaptability

  • Non extreme swings, spin, grips and backswings.

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