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  • What does 360Athlete do?


Our philosophy, science based approach, technology and advanced sports specific training protocols give athletes a competitive advantage by improving their speed, power and agility.


  • What is Sports Specific Physical Training?


Training focused on improving an athlete's in sport performance or return to sport from an injury or long lay-off. It is all about developing a competitive advantage in sport.


  • What is the philosophy?


The foundation of our success comes through our approach to athlete development. We provide athletes with the answers to becoming a faster, quicker and more intelligent competitor. We test athletes to determine a performance baseline and identify areas where they can create separation from their peers. We teach athletes the same methods used by many of today’s top professional and Olympic athletes to improve sport and position specific movement skills. What does this mean?  We teach athletes what they need to do to get better. How to move better - the foundation of improving athleticism.  How to train smarter - learning to listen to their body, push limits safely and to incorporate sound nutrition to fuel performance and recovery.  Essentially, we help athletes improve their Training IQ. Then we train using the most scientifically-proven programs featuring our patented technology, individualized training protocols and real-time video analysis to give every athlete the ultimate performance sports training experience.


  • What makes us different than other training centers?


Our approach to an athlete's development has been refined through years of taking an evidence-based approach to validate training protocols and document performance improvements. Further the application of our equipment and a commitment to advanced training programs have allowed us to deliver a training experience that challenges an athlete to improve every time they arrive to work-out.  Each training program is age appropriate and is based on the athlete's performance test as well as their goals, by creating an individualized program.


  • How do you do it?

We offer individualized training programs, delivered in small groups with a 1:5 trainer to athlete ratio, which follow scientifically-based protocols comprised of 22-26 sessions spread over six to eight weeks. Over the years we've proven it takes this amount of time to adopt technique habits we establish and the body to absorb the full benefit of the specialized sport training.

  • Will it work for me / my athlete?


Our Training has “worked” for many athletes, from the peewees to the college, novice to varsity, or recreational to the most serious. 360-athlete training programs have documented average performance improvements of  4” of vertical jump height; 5 mph in throwing velocity; and significant improvements in both running and skating efficiency.


  • How much does it cost?


Developing scientifically valid training protocols  requires years of work and significant investment—you get what you pay for. Our hourly rate compares well to other services like personal training or private lessons. We stress results and provide our athletes with the technology, training and expertise that have only been available for professional and Olympic athletes in the past. Because we Test at the beginning of the sport training program and then test again at the end, you will see the results.​



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