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Common joint injuries

  • How will the  program help me?


You can only LEARN a swing by feeling a SWING!!  Our bodies are designed to learn movement patterns rapidly. We get good at what we repeat. The  program is designed to help you repeat your BEST swing, not master your consistently inconsistent “swing.”When you use the program,the program will teach you to swing swing. You  will not lift the equipment , steer it and push it. The program makes it impossible.  There would be  no confusion when you swing after this.From the very first swings using the program, your senses automatically begin to work with the TRUE swing forces. Your shoulders & torso begin to turn more, your arms begin to swing freely, your legs & core muscles begin to fire at the right time. Your ideal rhythm, tempo, and timing become obvious. You will even notice your swing LOOKS great!As you continue with the program your grip pressure begins to relax. You can sense that your swing doesn’t need extra wrist & forearm tension. You can feel that speed comes from other parts of the body! Congratulations, you are now learning what your swing is supposed to do – immediately!

  • What are the benefits?

360Athete uses the ultimate technology in rotational joint training! It provided a unique and highly specialized combination of rotary exercises. An athlete can isolate and strengthen critical joints to maximize performance while minimizing the risk of injury.

  • Strengthening rotational joints such as the hips, knees, ankles, shoulders, elbows and wrists.

  • Co-ordinating the development of muscular strength and flexibility

  • Training balance and strength needed in stressful movements such as skiing, running, jumping and twisting. 

  • Strengthening and balancing the muscles of the floor of the pelvis.

  • Improving hip and core stability.

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