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You could call the 360 Meta lift™ the world's smallest orthotics because they really change the way you stand and walk. Initially developed for open toe shoes and high heel shoes, our customers stick them to their feet, in their sandals or on flip-flops. The adhesive is medical grade, like band aids, and the peel-off adhesive protective layer removes easily.


Intro Pack: 2 pair package, 2 (two) days of use each pair.

All these problems could be caused by our feet:

Poor posture

Mental fatigue from pain and discomfort

Headaches and TMJ Pain

Shoulder and neck pain

Reduced lung capacity - Shallow breathing

Low back and SI joint pain

Knee and hip pain

Tight IT bands

Leg cramps and fatigue

Shin splints

Internally rotated legs (Knock knees)

Foot and ankle pain

Unstable falling arches

Morton's Neuroma and Metatarsalgia

Plantar Fasciitis and Hammer toes

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