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Contrast Sensitivity Challenge I (Hockey)

Improve dynamic visual acuity, contrast sensitivity and focused attention.

  • Equipment:

Paint or purchase a puck, ball or object that is similar to the color of the background it is used on; for example, use a white puck for ice hockey or use a green ball for field hockey.

  • Procedure:

Practice regular drills in low contrast conditions by substituting, for example, a normal black puck with a white puck. Build up to 10 minutes of practice with similarly colored object.

3 Air Force Exercises to Improve Your Vision

Athletes at the Air Force Academy have been performing cadet vision training exercises for more than a decade, with impressive results. The first year the baseball team used vision training, they led the nation in batting average. Since then, Air Force athletes have achieved better than 20/20 vision and improved vision drill scores by 200 to 300 percent. Get your own results with these three vision drills.

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