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How often should I workout?

I am asked this question numerous times a week and I answer it the same way each time, “How well are you recovering?” For the average high school athlete who is in-season, 2 days a week are spent resistance training and 6 days a week are spent playing their sport, plus any extra activities done during PE or recreationaly. Adult athletes at 360-athlete train 3-4 days with a combination of weights, isokinetics exercises, and metabolic conditioning, plus any recreational activities (jogging, tennis, golf, basketball, etc). High school athletes average 8+ workouts a week and Adults 5+.

The Bulgarian Method for Olympic Lifters allows athletes to build up to training multiple times per day, 6 days a week, and with heavy weight. The body can handle high workloads, but as the Bulgarian trainers understood recovery was crucial. A majority of the high school and adult athletes have a hard time recovering between workouts and therefore constantly struggle in a negative energy balance.

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