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General recommendation for athletes is 7-9 hours of sleep with 80-90% of that at night. Adolescent athletes and elite athletes who train 4 -6 hours a day may need 10 -12 hours of sleep. A study on the Stanford Men’s Basketball team had 11 players try to achieve 10 hours of sleep each night for a 5 – 7 week period. Players not only noted feeling more alert, but also decreased sprint time, increased free throw shooting by 9%, and increased 3pt shooting by 9.2%. Your body needs sleep to repair from workouts!

General sleep hygiene strategies

  • Maintain a regular schedule of going to bed and waking up

  • If you cannot sleep within 15 min, get out of bed and try performing a mundane task

  • Eliminate the bedroom clock

  • Avoid coffee, alcohol, and nicotine in the hours before bed

  • Avoid watching television, eating, working, or reading in bed

  • Be conscious of food and fluid intake before bedtime

  • Nap appropriately (30 min and not late in the afternoon)

  • Maintain a room temperature comfortable for sleeping (~64F)

Extract of: "Sleep, Recovery, and Athletic Performance: A Brief Review and Recommendations", by Stephen P. Bird.

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