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Scientific Proof Stretching Reduces Pitching Velocity

Here is proof that these high velocity pitchers are not overstretching the shoulder joint to create their full range of motion. A study hosted at San Diego State University called, Effects of stretching the upper limb on throwing speed and isokinetic shoulder torques, holds the evidence. Here are the results from the study:

"Significant interactions were found for throwing speed and isokinetic torque at 3.14 rad/s (but not for isokinetic torque at 5.24 rad/s). Stretching reduced throwing velocity and shoulder isokinetic torque at the slower isokinetic speed".

Read the entire study here:

This study specifically states that low velocity pitchers who throw with slower isokinetic speeds, stretching reduced throwing velocity.

Another study performed at the Department of Physical Therapy, College of Health Professions, Wichita State University, called, Static and Dynamic Warm-up in Upper Extremity Functional Activities, states a similar result from the previous study. Here are the results from this study:

"Dynamic Warm-Up might offer performance benefits not found with Static Warm-Up prior to performance of selected strength testing and functional closed kinetic chain activity in the Upper Extremity".

Read the entire study here:

This study also proves the negative effects of static stretching on the upper extremity but then points to the more beneficial approach of the dynamic warm-up. The dynamic warm-up is a critical part of the Fusion System.

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