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If you’re new to fight sports, one of the hardest things can be learning how to properly and effectively work the heavy bag. If you’re entering fight sports in a class or private training setting, you will most likely get some direction on how to make contact with the bag and various other aspects of heavy bag work. But what happens when you want to get some rounds in on your own? If you’ve ever found yourself standing in front of the bag, staring at your hands like “what do I do now,” or if you’re new to heavy bag training altogether, this one is for you.

Always wear hand wraps and gloves - Seems obvious, but we’ve all seen that guy at the gym hitting the bag with wraps on, or the person who walks up, slips some gloves on their bare hands and starts going HAM on the heavy bag.

Practice making proper contact with the bag - When striking it’s ideal to make contact with the first two knuckles of the fist. Focus on turning the hands over right before contact to achieve this. Be sure to always make a solid fist also.

Work on specific combinations - Body mechanics and rhythm are key. Use basic 2 to 3 punch combinations while being mindful of your form and technique.

Relax! - Relaxation is key, I should have made this number one. The common misconception is that you are supposed to hit the bag as hard as you can all the time. Boxing is a much of an endurance sport as it is a sport about speed and explosiveness. Try staying calm and relaxed when hitting the bag. Let your punches flow instinctively instead of constantly thinking about what you’re going to throw next.

The bag is your opponent - Treat the bag as if it is an opponent. Use your jab to keep the bag at a distance, move around, throw punches high and low.

Here’s a basic boxing routine that you can use to get yourself started in the gym…Go be great!

15 min Jump Rope

- or -

1-2mile run

4 Rounds- Shadow Boxing

6 Rounds- Heavy Bag Work

20 min – HIIT Intervals or circuits

Stretch/Cool down

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