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"Who is Javier Llanes? Is an ordinary guy who breathes tennis 24/7, loves competing but did not like to train, and spent a lot of time doing monotonous drills. As a coach, I have invested all my money and life trying to be the best tennis player that I could be; so I was determined to build a program not only the way that I wanted if I would be training professionally again,

but also by making the experience of a tennis player less painful and boring. This process led me to design the 360-Athlete Tennis Accelerator Training Program.

Why did I do it? because tennis made my life exciting and gave me the opportunity of meeting tons of people while visiting a lot of cool places all over the world." 


Born and raised in Cordoba, Argentina.
  • ATP Ranking 2001 & 2011 (Association of Tennis Professionals).
  • PTR Professional Tennis Registry.
  • Tennis Scholarship DRURY University.
  • Bachelor's degree in Psychology.
  • NCAA Division II All American.
  • National Strenght Conditioning Asociation (CSCS).
  • Broudy Tennis System certified.
  • Tae kwon do National Champion (Argentina, 1988).
  • 2020 - Present.
Training Jack Secord #1 in USA in the 12s.  
Started training at #60 in the country.
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