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Who have been through the program in the past six years:
  • GBN state hockey champions.

  • Oak Brook Tennis Park District.

  • Bluehawks hockey team organization.

  • The Ranchers baseball team.

  • Academy elite.

  • Current tennis player on scholarship at University of Michigan, Wisconsin, Notredame, Illinois, Iowa, Yale, Brown, Ohio State, Florida Atlantic and Boston College.

  • Current ATP ranked tennis players and WTA ranked tennis players among others, and nationally and internationally ranked juniors tennis players.

  • High School State Champion.

  • Hockey players from Chicago Mission, Triple A.

  • Baseball players from the University of Evansville.


Jason Winnegar, USTA High-Performance Coach, Director of Lincolnshire Elite Tennis Academy

“360 is the most up-to-date and advanced training that I have found for the high-level athlete or tennis player improving explosiveness, balance and efficient movement on the court or field. The eye and mental training is like nothing else on the market. It was good enough that I had to start participating with my athletes. If you are a top-level athlete, there is no other option in the Chicagoland area.”

Brett Synek, Second Baseman, University of Evansville Baseball Team

“I started working with Javier over the summer. The vision training was unbelievable! I noticed an improvement right away with being able to see the baseball better – the eyes are a very important tool.  After training with Javier, my body started to feel healthier and I could see myself getting in better shape. Javier is a great motivator and he will push you every day. I am excited to see how his training helps me this spring.”

Sam Sweeney  ATP points in doubles  2012

“I’ve always put in the long hours at the gym. That wasn’t the issue. These past few months I’m finally feeling a dramatic improvement in my game and fitness. I’m done plateauing. It’s liberating. I owe 360 Athlete and Javier Llanes for that.”

Jennifer Samson - S.D. – Psychologist, Pedagogue, and Preschool teacher; Queens, NY

My son was 8 years old when he started the Sensory Brain Level 1. His fine and gross motor skills were very weak. He had problem with reading and listening comprehension. He could not bounce the ball or ride a bike. His handwriting was a disaster despite of having occupational therapy twice a week for 3 years already. In May he started this fantastic program. He looked forward to do different activity every day. Even though he had to do it twice a day, he thought it was fun. In September a new school year started. My son’s handwriting was perfect. His teacher said that she couldn’t believe that he has such a beautiful handwriting. And of course she asked me what did we do during the summer.

Very soon another surprise came. My son asked daddy to teach him to ride a bike without training wheels. We were so happy that he felt confident to try to learn. He had a beautiful new bike sitting in our house for 2 years. Whenever we wanted to teach him, he would say, “No, no, I don’t want I can’t do it.” They went outside, my son sat on a bike and just started riding without any assistance. My husband couldn’t believe his eyes. At the end of the school, his occupational therapist told me that he doesn’t need occupational therapist anymore. I talked to her about the Sensory Brain Level 1 all the time and she saw big improvement in my son, so she ordered it. Since that her students are improving their skills thanks to this great program. Also my sons reading comprehension has greatly improved. All his grades went up. He is 13 years old now and he still does this program before important tests. I recommend this program from the bottom of my heart.

Rebecca Callaway, Reading Specialist

“When my son was 4 years old he was diagnosed with severe language delay. They said he would never go to a regular classroom. He did, not only did he do that but he made straight A’s and was in the 99 percentile in reading strategies this past year. After spending thousands of dollars in very good speech program, we were looking for something and stumbled on the sensory brain training. I could not believe it the first night my son came home and he read. As a parent who was supposed to know what to do because that’s my business, I didn’t know and I was very lucky to find the program”

Tim kopinski, University of illinois number 2 singles on the tennis team and ATP points in singles

“Each day was slightly different and very specific. We worked quite a bit on reaction time which we saw was a weakness of mine. There was lots of stability and balance work which I think are great and very important. I think the eye work was very good. Although it was not as physically strenuous it required a lot of focus which actually helped me in tennis pretty quickly. Also after one session, it helped with my foot speed as we saw in the test. I really liked the format of the circuit going from a slightly more strenuous exercise to a balance one. Helps the body recover but keeps the mind engaged. You get a lot out of it in a short time. Don’t have any complaints really. It was good stuff. Can’t wait to start it up again.I guess I won’t see you until after season”.

Jonathan Small, USTA national ranking Top 10, Boys 16s

“I absolutely love the fitness program at 360 Athlete. It has everything that is needed for anyone to reach their athletic goals. It combines a perfect circuit training-based workout to strengthen specific areas of the body that could not be worked otherwise, with a unique mental training program that can push you to the next level. After beginning this workout, I have experienced improvement in all areas of my athleticism—to a point that I didn’t even know I could be good at some things. My concentration, endurance, speed, agility, explosiveness and perception has improved drastically since starting the program. I recommend this to anyone who wishes to improve at their sport.”

Parent Note, Australia

Two days of board doubled my child’s reading – Boy, 8 years… (10 minutes time – 2 pages to 4 pages) Incredible.

Assif Newmann

I had trouble focusing and now I focus all day. It has helped with my surfing and my balance for skateboarding. It helped with my eye tracking with my reading and I am not losing my place. I like doing it because it is fun and it helps a lot.

Pamela – Mother; Australia

I’ve been using your program with my 5 year old son for about 5 months now. He has speech delay and cognitive processing difficulties. I suspect he has sensory integration problems. We did Tomatis with him previously and he responded really well. He has also done very well with your program. His balance has improved dramatically in the first few weeks, his eye tracking skills have also improved dramatically. He couldn’t follow the beanbag with his eyes but now he has no problem. I do find that certain exercises seem to stimulate him and it’s like his brain cuts out. I sometimes mix the exercises up, still doing all the exercises for that day but maybe in a different sequence.

Something interesting that I have experimented with is noise. My son gets easily distracted by noise that can send him hyperactive. I started making loud noised and movements, bashing potsetc. to try and distract him while he does the exercises. I found that after about 2 days the noises stop distracting him and he can focus on the exercises. I thought you might find it interesting.

PGA Tour Canada member

"Tempo is a huge part of my golf swing and the  360 Swing  Program helps me get that feel. Right before I get to the first tee of a tournament I will take 15-20 swings to remind myself of what MY swing feels like. It is an awesome tool that always stays in my bag."

Jessica Stevenson

Sam Lee, 26 Handicap

"The 360 Swing Program helped me with my tempo, rhythm, and timing of the complete turn of the shoulders and torso. I now allow the momentum of the club head move through the full swing. I am hitting the ball farther with less effort as I'm not just using my arms but rotating my body. The 360 Swing Program helped me realize how lightly you actually need to hold the club to generate natural swing power."

Susan is a professional figure skater. She started young, trained hard and reached the podium in international competition at the ripe old age of 15. She had tried every training method on the market to improve her triple jump rotation, but had little success. For a competitive athlete, this was frustrating. But that is when she tried IM. The clever trigger placement and exercise variations employed by her trainers targeted the exact movement she was missing. Not only did Susan land a triple jump, but she put it in her competition routine.

Jackson Lewis, Parent Note

Lauren is a high school student in advanced-placement (AP) classes. Although she is motivated, competitive and confident, she feels like she has lost her ability to focus and wants to improve at lacrosse. Even after only a limited amount of time with IM, Lauren reports that she is finishing her homework faster, she has improved her lacrosse drills and she feels more focused.

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Pitching Velocity Testimonial

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360Focus Band Testimony

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