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360-tennis accelerator is a health and athletic performance company founded in 2011. Our goal is to improve athletic performance from the ground up. We use natural holistic, and brain based methods to elicit long-term changes in posture and biomechanics to reduce injury, prevent it if you don’t have one yet, speed up recovery and have a no painful life as a tennis player or weekend warrior.

Our methods are backed up by decades of research in the field of neuroscience, exercise science and biomechanics.


Why posture?

The way your body moves and stand its influences its abilityto resist gravity and carry out its basically physiological functions like respiration, digestion, sleep, brain functions like timing, eye hand coordination , speed and strength

Posture is multifactorial and embedded in brain pathways.


Posture in the brain 
Posture is a result of the unconscious processes of the brain and which depend on incoming information from sensory organs like the feet, eyes and jaw to align the body in specific ways.

The missing link 

Addressing the body is the most conventional ways to treat ailments; however, until the brain pathways are addressed , the problem will linger. At 360-tennis accelerator we addressed the brain to elicit long term progress


The Eyes 
Your eyes tell your brain where the horizon is and how it is aligned (tilted VS leveled). The brain uses this information to orient your physical alignment accordingly.

More than 50% of your brain energy is devoted to visual processing.

The Feet
The feet contain receptors that can sense the ground  and contribute to the body proprioceptive skills. The foot and body connection is essential pelvic, hip, knee and an upper body body alignment.


The jaw 
The jaw is another sensory organ that contributes to the sense of proprioception to orient the head and neck posture often determined by tongue posture, dental occlusion type and breathing habits.


What can you expect from us?


5% instant strength gain

60%to 85 progress in alignment, pain symptoms, energy levels

Long term results

Improve brain functions through the body

Imbalances in these sensory organs must be addressed simultaneously to reestablished proper functioning

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