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Pack of 5 stickers (size: 1.5x2.5)

360 Binocular Stickers

  • This is a sticker that will help you during competition, improving your focus, your tracking ability, and to remain calmed while dropping your heart rate.

    How do you use it?

    You simply look at the two circles and cross your eyes until you see a third circle in the middle in 3D, as you breathe comfortably while trying to hold a lot of air in your belly. This will create a feeling of relaxation and quietness.

    Who can benefit from the band?

    Tennis players before returning serves and trying to refocus between points, and golfers before swinging.

    Why does this work?

    Because it is a challenging activity that requires lots of focus to do it for your brain, the harder the situaton the more pressure you have, the harder it will become. Which we will force your brain and hard rate to drop to execute this fine motor movement of your eyes. Therefore you will have to clear your mind to do it  as a result of this exercise.

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