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In our 360 VISION TRAINING SYSTEM we train eye motor skills such as focus fixation, eye movement, binocular vision, accommodation, eye jumping movement (saccades), convergence training, divergence training and combine these with exercises on different balance training devices.

The exercises are carried out either standing, walking or with the simultaneous use of our training devices.

The quality of muscles depends on how they are integrated into movement patterns and how they are then trained. In order to be able to grasp goals and situations as quickly and sharply as possible in a fraction of a second, or even to be able to follow them, both eyes have to constantly align, adjust and merge. Everyday habits, such as looking at cell phones and computers, train the eye on one side, predominantly in convergence. It is therefore more difficult to quickly switch between near and far for target acquisition and the field of vision is often restricted.

The worse the image quality and thus the input information, the worse the motor response to our action. Objects can only be recognized spatially, three-dimensionally and thus clearly and unambiguously if both eyes work together optimally. Not only in competitive sports, where quick action is the measure of success, but above all in everyday life, eye training should be standard.


Tim kopinski, University of illinois number 2 singles on the tennis team and ATP points in singles

“Each day was slightly different and very specific. We worked quite a bit on reaction time which we saw was a weakness of mine. There was lots of stability and balance work which I think are great and very important. I think the eye work was very good. Although it was not as physically strenuous it required a lot of focus which actually helped me in tennis pretty quickly. Also after one session, it helped with my foot speed as we saw in the test. I really liked the format of the circuit going from a slightly more strenuous exercise to a balance one. Helps the body recover but keeps the mind engaged. You get a lot out of it in a short time. Don’t have any complaints really. It was good stuff. Can’t wait to start it up again.I guess I won’t see you until after season”.


Jonathan Small, USTA national ranking Top 10, Boys 16s

“I absolutely love the fitness program at 360 Athlete. It has everything that is needed for anyone to reach their athletic goals. It combines a perfect circuit training-based workout to strengthen specific areas of the body that could not be worked otherwise, with a unique mental training program that can push you to the next level. After beginning this workout, I have experienced improvement in all areas of my athleticism—to a point that I didn’t even know I could be good at some things. My concentration, endurance, speed, agility, explosiveness and perception has improved drastically since starting the program. I recommend this to anyone who wishes to improve at their sport.”

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